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Performance of ‘Grief’

Hello, everybody! This week I have a new video up on my YouTube channel – a performance of my composition, Grief. It’s a straightforward performance, perhaps with slight differences in the tempo fluctuations near the beginning compared to the studio recording. I was still getting used to the piano that I played on – the keys are much springier than I’m used to, which was great for the octaves.

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Two new videos – one cover, one original!

Hello, everybody!

For some reason, I didn’t post last week, despite releasing a new video over on YouTube, so this week I have two videos to share!

The first is a cover of Anna’s Theme from a survival horror video game called Tormented Souls. It provides a strong contrast to a lot of the other music in game, which is designed to build tension. This piece is a piano solo and captures a combination of emptiness, longing, nostalgia and loss.

This week’s video is a performance of one of my own compositions – the one that started my journey as a composer. I actually wrote the initial draft of it back in 2013 and it’s gone through multiple revisions over the years before I settled on this one. If you’ve listened to my recent album, you’ll know it already. Despite having written it so long ago, I think that it’s still one of the strongest melodies that I’ve written.